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Thank you for purchasing my application. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to check rich knowledge base with many tips & tricks or submit support ticket on website: Thanks so much!

  1. Create empty MySQL database with utf8_unicode_ci charset
  2. Upload zip on server via cpanel file manager and extract directly on server
  3. Open web server public url and configuration will appear.
  4. Enter database name, username, password.
  5. Click on "Save" and you will get login and links info (Please save this info because it's unique).

Regarding hosting providers, my scripts are tested on:


Detailed cpanel guide:

More documentation about base script can be found on:





Login as admin and open your website link.

On bottom of homepage you will see something like this:

Just select wanted color.

NOTICE: Have in mind that only admin user can see this when it's logged!

Automatic translation via administration:

Login to admin->Settings->languages->Add language->enter for example ‘russian’ and code to for example ‘ru’.

NOTICE: Some languages are not at all or not completely translated, or you will get real estate translations from base script, follow guide below:
For frontend you can translate files via administration for your language:

Admin->Settings->Languages->Translate files for wanted language->frontend_template_lang.php->translate missing fields

*Hint: You can also use auto translation feature (button on top) using Google or MyMemory API

Also can be translated manually via file:

For backend you can translate files via administration for your language:

Admin->Settings->Languages->Translate files->Translate min. all fields in backend_base_lang.php

Also can be translated manually via file:

To translate website content (saved in database):

  1. Login to admin
  2. Pages->Edit every page->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values
  3. Real Estates->Fields->Edit every Field->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values
    *hint: After changes you should edit->save again all your properties, specially for purpose field!
  4. Real Estates->Manage->Edit every property->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values
  1. Login to admin
  2. Pages & menu
  3. Add a page
  4. Populate fields

You can select wanted template, there is standard templates and custom templates.

Standard templates are not editable visually, but with code customization's:

There is example theme available in the directory "/templates/{theme}".

Some documentation about this is available in technical documentation, or can be found also in existing template files and "copy-pasted".

Example of relation template file and selected page template:


Custom templates can be added via Admin->Settings->Design template->Manage templates->Add template or Edit existing:

Here you can move available widgets to your custom template position.

Custom widgets:

You can add more widgets in the directory "/templates/{theme}/widgets/" like for example: right_mortgage.php

In this case right mean position of widget.

In widget you can use same code as in page templates, so follow guides in technical documentation for this. You can also enter PHP code directly there if you need something completely custom.

Locations can be added by frontend or backend, it's same thing only for different user type.

You can add locations via Admin->Locations->Manage->Add a location->populate fields

If you want to customize property HTML template, can be found in:


Some guides:


Locations can have custom fields, and you can simply add it via:

Admin->Locations->Fields->Add field->populate fields

You can also rename current available fields what is very suggested in case if you want to delete red locked one.

In some cases for example for type Land you want to hide some fields when submitting locations, like Rooms etc. Now you can do this:

Admin->Locations->Dependent fields->Add dependent field->populate fields

Email templates can be customized via Admin->Settings->Design template->Email templates editor->Edit wanted.

Email template can be found also in: application\views\email

Templates files can be customized via Admin->Settings->Design template->Files editor->Edit wanted.

There is also template config file where you can change some parameters like this for num results per page: $config['per_page'] = 9;

Before you start with custom coding you should know that I always building something additional and currently have many modules:

You can found it in Admin->Settings->Addons

You can also found addons on this link:

Also take a look in my codecanyon portfolio:

Or my services list:


Knowledge of the CodeIgniter PHP Framework is required.

CodeIgniter is a very simple framework with the best documentation ever seen, so you can easy learn it.

Look at

You can also change local path in index.php, line 24 to select ENVIRONMENT configuration.

Don't forget to check our rich knowledge base:

Search forms on city guide are very custom for each template file.

Location types and purposes you can easily add via admin:

Admin->Locations->Fields->Edit type->Add values

Files if you want to customize it:

For right searchboar on homepage: templates\realsite\widgets\right_search.php

For top, example to find relation:

Or to find component:

Example for fullscreen:

Example for categories template:

Additional details:



Now we have special website made for support, frequency questions for customization's, guides for basic CSS/HTML, tips & tricks etc.:

If you have any question that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to check  our support instructions:

I've used the following files and services as listed:

  1. PHP
  2. CodeIgniter
  3. jQuery
  4. Bootstrap
  5. jQuery File Upload
  6. Stock.XCHNG (Example images)
  7. (Example images)
  8. (Example images)
  9. (Example images)
  10. The Documenter

Thank you so much for purchasing this application. I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this app. No guarantees, but I will do my best to help.