city guide map kiosk app

Few clicks to build nice web-site map kiosk for your city with our easy to use, robust and cost effective solution.

City front of the eyes

Elegant city map with custom locations categorized by purpose and type.

Design for Flexibility

Manage locations, parameter fields, design colors, pages, content via intuitive admin interface. Multilanguage is natively supported.

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Top-notch support

Reach knowledge base, documentation and short respond time on your questions.


Responsive design compatible with all modern browsers, kiosk apps and even usable on mobile phones.

Awesome Features

App is build based on our experience in real estate, property listing and Hotel booking scripts development. Best practices from similar industry are integrated into Map Kiosk City Guide App.

Few clicks to build

Complete source code, detailed installationguides, Knowledge Base, user friendly content and locations management.

Our Mission

Stay on peak of web-site map kiosk apps and improve functionality based on clients requirements and technology innovations.

Clear and afforable prices

You can try demo, purchase afforable app license for your website installation (one license per each installation is required).

How It Works

Step-By-Step instructions for quick start after purchase.

How to Install

Copy files, enter empty database details, purchase code from codecanyon, and installation app will do rest.

Purchase code

You will receive purchase code after payment.

Test before

Of course, you can test demo before purchase.

Feature Image
Feature Image

How to Login

Login with username and password from modern browser.

Public submissions

Restoraunt, Hotel, caffe-bar owners and other also can create account and submit their locations.

Username and password

You will receive admin username and password after installation.

How to add location

After login you can found button "Add Location", pick location on map and enter required values.

Detailed position

You can fine your GPS coordinates with drag-and-drop on marker functionality.

Images and documents

Extra user friendly properties menagement, content editing and files uploading.

Feature Image
Feature Image

How to get walking route

Click on wanted location and you will see all property details including walking route, gallery, descriptions, reviews, contact and other details.

Location and route

With all other details visitors can see route to current location, distance and walking time.


Users can review specific place to share experiance.

How to add page

After login you can found button "Add Page", just enter required values and format content in intuitive visual text editor.

Visual editor

Visual intuitive text formatting editor like Word.

Image gallery

You can upload images with drag-and-drop from your desktop or clicking on "Browse" button.

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Screenshots of App

Quick view few screens from App in Action.


Only few top Frequently asked questions, please check more in Knowledge Base.

How to integrate it into kiosk app ?

You can use site kiosk or any other kiosk app with browser, then just enter map kiosk web address as home page.

  • Modern kiosk apps support
  • Desktop browsers support
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Custom sub-URL

How to get new locations in city ?

You can enter locations like parks, museums, libraries, church's manually or/and enable public location submissions. Of course public locations should be activated by admin or user can pay for auto-activation.

  • Enter it manually
  • Free subscribers
  • Paid subscribers
  • Agents supported

How to earn money ?

By locations auto-activation's mentioned before, featured locations by owners like restaurants, google adsense or custom paid banners.

  • By paid subscribers
  • Featured listings
  • Custom Ads banners
  • AdSense banners

I need something very custom

You can send us your requirements list with sketches for price calculation, if you want to employ external developer also can be done, it's completely open source.

  • By our Hands*
  • Suggest improvement idea
  • Your developers*
  • Freelancers*

Buy it now

Exclusively available on codecanyon, one regular license per each installation. *VAT is not included

Regular license

One regular license is for one installation/website.


  • Complete source code
  • Documentation
  • Demo data
  • 6 months Support


Installation service on your cpanel
hosting by pro


  • Standard installation
  • Insert provided logo
  • Define color for you
  • *License is not included!

Hosting service

Tested hosting service ideal for start
and standard usage


  • Suitable for 1000 locations
  • 10GB Storage
  • Installation and Support
  • *License is not included!

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